CUC100 Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography Task: Create an annotated bibliography from the three core readings (provided); Each annotation (summary & comment) should be approximately 300 words long (per reading); Each annotation should include a summary & comment paragraph: Summary portion: Summarise and paraphrase the key ideas and/or arguments in each reading (do not quote). Comment portion: Comment on how each reading may be relevant to or useful for your current/future profession Include a correct reference for each reading at the top of each annotation (as heading) using APA or CDU Harvard for Business & Accounting students. Each reading needs a correct reference as a heading, followed by your summary (1-2 paragraphs) and then your comment (1-2 paragraphs). Format your assignment according to the guidelines (found in Assessment Tasks on Learnline). The 3 core readings for CUC100 are available for free; download on the CUC100 Learnline site under “Readings”.

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