Design a program that will read a file of employee records containing employee number, employee name, hourly pay rate, regular hours worked and overtime hours worked. The company pays its employees weekly, according to the following rules: regular pay = regular hours worked x hourly rate of pay overtime pay = overtime hours worked x hourly rate of pay x 1.5 total pay = regular pay + overtime pay Your program is to read the input data on each employee’s record and compute and print the employee’s total pay, on the weekly payroll report. All input data and calculated amounts are to appear on the report. A total payroll amount and average payroll amount is to appear at the end of the report. (5 Marks) A transaction record on a sales commission file contains the retail price of an item sold, a transaction code that indicates the sales commission category to which an item can belong, and the employee number of the person who sold the item. The transaction code can contain the values A, B or C, which indicate that the percentage commission will be 6%, 8% or 10% respectively. Construct an algorithm that will read a record on the file, calculate the commission owing for that record, and print the retail price, commission and employee number. (7 Marks) Design an algorithm to accept income from the user; compute the income tax to be paid and display on the screen. Income tax is based on the following table available at this link: (Note: Choose Resident Individuals) (8 Marks) Design an algorithm that will prompt for and receive the time expressed in 2400 format (e.g. 2305 hours), convert it to 12-hour format (e.g. 11.05 pm) and display the new time to the screen. Your program is to repeat the processing until a sentinel time of 9999 is entered. (10 Marks) Note: For questions 2 & 3: Students need to show equivalent JAVA programming code with the screenshots of sample outputs.

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