1. Determine what role the professional organization should play in the ethical makeup of an investigator and / or expert witness and explicate whether or not you believe an organization’s code of ethics could negatively affect an investigator and / or expert witness. 2. Identify three ethical responsibilities expected from persons such as attorneys, the court, and others, when protecting an expert witness in a case. Determine how they should protect the expert witness and how unethical actions by others could negatively affect an expert witness. Provide a rationale with your response. 3. Suppose you are a director for a system forensics company. Develop a list of ethical guidelines that you would publish for your employees based on ethical standards from appropriate sources, such as professional associations. Justify why the items in your guidelines are necessary to add to the code. 4.Create a scenario that presents an ethical dilemma for an expert witness. Determine why this would be a dilemma for the expert witness and how you believe he / she should handle such a scenario in an ethical manner.

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