Develop a research table to organize and summarize the research studies. Only research studies used to support your intervention are summarized in this table. Write a paper of 1300-1500 words (not including the title page and references) that presents the research on why many healthcare facilities are not adopting Electronic Medical Records. On the same paper you must explain at least 5 possible approach to be undertaken to solve that issue. Make sure to do the following: Include a description of the search method (e.g., databases, keywords, criteria for inclusion and exclusion, and number of studies that fit your criteria). Summarize all of the research studies used as evidence. The essential components of each study need to be described so that readers can evaluate its scientific merit, including study strengths and limitations. Incorporate a description of the validity of the internal and external research. It is essential to make sure that the research support for the proposed solution is sufficient, compelling, relevant, and from peer-reviewed professional journal articles. Submit both the narrative paper and the table separately. N/B Include permalink on the references Plagiarism must be less than 10% Work must be in APA 6th edition format.

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