List three values that are considered in determining professional fees. 

Distinguish among the terms usual, customary, and reasonable. 

Discuss the value of estimates for patient treatment. 

Name the ways by which payment for medical service is accomplished. 

Explain the concept of professional courtesy. 

Perform an internet research on patient accounting software.

 Evaluate primary and secondary resources for research.

For this Assignment have two parts.

Part One: Study Guide Exercises Complete all of the following exercises from the Kinn’s Study Guide Chapter 15: Vocabulary Review: Section 1 Section 2

Part Two: Software Report Perform an internet research on patient accounting software, which will include primary and secondary resources. You must evaluate these resources to determine their usefulness and appropriateness within the context of their research

. 2 A minimum of two references will be required; please cite the references in proper APA format. You will explore the options available for the physician’s office. Write a brief report (250-500 words) on one of the software products. Your work will also be evaluated on the usefulness and appropriateness of your research. Submit your work in a Word document. 

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